A gift packaged Trio of our most popular salts, including our award-winning chilli!



Use them with everything. Literally everything.  Just as fabulous on chicken and fish, as well as eggs, avocados, and popcorn! Rim a martini or Bloody Mary glass for a sophisticated finish.


The Lemon is fantastic with oily fish, or add to oil and vinegar for a light citrusy dressing. Rub over a whole chicken before roasting or sprinkle abundantly over potatoes.  Add to rice water before cooking for a subtly flavour or work into butter and serve with warm bread.


Remember - we use glass packaging and easy to remove stickers, so that you can reuse the jar. and just so you feel even more virtuous, we give 25p from every jar sold to Parley for the Oceans to be a part of cleaning up our seas, not filling them with plastics.  We hope you agree that this is a good thing :)



Chilli, Lemon and Herb Trio

  • Sea Salt Flakes, Fresh Fresno Chillies

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