A really unusual citrus fruit, it is large and has a great deal of pith. Prized by the Italians around late autumn, for its thick skin which lends itself perfectly to candying! Traditionally cooked in a syrup for hours until the skin takes on a translucent look and then dipped in dark chocolate, it is a treat adored at Christmas. We love it for it's delicate flavour, somewhere between and grapefruit and a lime, with the most pungent snappy zest. We take the freshest, greenest, tightest fruit that we can find during it's short season.  We zest and juice them all by hand and then infuse and mix them with finest English Sea Salt.  Next, they are slowly dried (sometimes this takes days) until they take on all the flavour of the limes. They pack a punch and are great with any ethnic food spicy food. Mexican style chicken with chilli and lime salt is a winner. Rim a glass with it and see how it raises the margarita to new heights! Also fantastic with fish and also delicious when teamed up with pomegranate and turmeric salt for a Persian vibe.


Remember - we use glass packaging and easy to remove stickers, so that you can reuse the jar. and just so you feel even more virtuous, we give 25p from every jar sold to Parley for the Oceans to be a part of cleaning up our seas, not filling them with plastics.  We hope you agree that this is a good thing :)


BTW...check out the last image - we can package two or three salts together as a single gift, a great present for the tricky buy-for foodie! just message us and we will gift wrap for free!

Fresh Cedro Salt

  • Sea Salt Flakes, Fresh Cedro

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