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We are SUPER proud to have won a GREAT TASTE AWARD 2019 for this product!


Addictive and good for you! is that even possible? These lightly toasted salad seeds are packed full of goodness and are an easy way to add crunch as well as nutrients to your meals. Throw into salads, but don's stop there. sprinkle on soups, scatter on roasted veggies or just munch them by the handful with a cold beer. Incorporating our signature Fresno Chilli Salt, there is a little heat, but it only adds to the goodness ; )

Toasted Salad Seeds with Sumac

  • Flaked Almonds, Poppy Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, White Sesame Seeds, Black Sesame Seeds, Nigella Seeds, Fresh Chilli, Sea Salt, Garlic Powder

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