The Salt Department

We make salts and seasonings with the freshest ingredients and finest English sea salt flakes. Everything is scrubbed, zested, juiced, grated and blended by hand.  Infused salts and rubs are slowly dried (often for days) in order to enhance the flavours and naturally lengthen shelf life with no need for added nasties.  Salt has been used as a preserver for millennia, we have simply forgotten how magical it is. With just a sprinkling or two of my flavoured salts, you can create delicious aromatic dishes. Make divine rubs for meat fish and veg, or just use to finish the perfect pasta.

Sprinkle it on, rub it in, or scatter it over ...

in fact ... Use them wherever you would use salt!

OH.. and sometimes we also make Marmalade, and Chutneys, and Cakes!

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